The Company

About us

Was born out of the entrepreneurial desire of a group of successful professionals, who carry out their careers in different leading and prestigious companies in the engineering, facilities and comprehensive services sector. Wanting to convey to its clients the ethical values required by mutual trust and the efficiency of the best work at its real cost, wanting to present the challenge of an experience that is already trusted by a significant number of clients and suppliers.

This essential philosophy is shared by the entire GEALUX GROUP and the different companies that comprise it, among which is INGEA INSTALACIONES as the specialists in mechanical installations.

From the GEALUX GROUP we can offer the set of facilities and services associated with these, of any type of work, adjusting to the needs of our clients.

The main objective of INGEA INSTALACIONES and the GEALUX GROUP is the loyalty of customers and suppliers. Presenting ourselves as collaborators, we offer our services at a cost relative to the work and results obtained. In this way, the objective to be fulfilled is to present our collaboration as an added value to the project and not tax the final work as a cost. 

This optimization and consequently success will be obtained, not only achieving the objectives of a service in time and price, but with personal dedication and maximum quality in each project, the full satisfaction of our client is pursued.


INGEA INSTALACIONES intends to offer its services as an auxiliary company in the field of facilities, reengineering of facilities, their exploitation, energy control, and all this completed with the management of general services, the execution of all types of projects, facilities, quality control, etc. For which we have the corresponding qualifications. And among which the following can be related:


INGEA INSTALACIONES is aimed at offering its applications to practically all sectors, this is made possible by the team that makes up the Company. His experience means that we can face any type of project in any of its phases. This is how we list some of the sectors in which we can provide our collaboration:


Pharmaceutical Industry and Laboratories


Chemical Industry and Industrial Plants


Containment, Biological, Chemical, Radiation Plates, etc.


Aeronautics and Microelectronics Industry




Computation centers, telecommunications, computing, networks, electricity and power electronics


Auxiliary Facilities for Civil Engineering


Food industry


Automotive, iron and steel, mining industry, etc.


Tertiary Sector, Building and Offices, Hotel Industry, Restoration, Commercial, etc.


Work carried out by INGEA components in their professional careers.